Mamma Mia! How is it September Already?


I’m dashing this off quickly in a break from rehearsals for my next show, which opens next week!

Once again I shall be back on tour, performing not one, not two but three shows in rep. As before I shall continue to perform Bless Em All and The Cat Pack but for Autumn I shall be adding an Abba show into the mix. If you’re interested in booking one (or more!) of these shows then please contact Cat’s Pyjamas via their website. Click HERE to be whisked away to their site.

This tour will run until the end of October when I start rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde in Birmingham. More on that another time but I’m particularly happy to be part of this production as it is is set in the 1930s and I am in love with the 30s fashion!

That’s all for now,



All of us are in the gutter. Some of us are looking at the stars. — Oscar Wilde