Multiple Personalities in Jekyll and Hyde… who’d have thought it?


Cropped jump

That's right. That's me jumping for joy.

I am jumping for joy right now folks, Jumping – For – Joy!

I’m currently in rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde, which opens in Birmingham on the 18th November, for a short run, before transferring to London in 2016. During the Birmingham run I shall be playing Rose, an East End club singer, who strays into the path of the vicious Hyde.

However, for the London run, I am thrilled to announce that – not only will I reprise the role of Rose – but I will also alternate with the role of Constance (the well educated fiancĂ©e of Henry Jekyll), playing Constance twice a week and Rose twice a week. These two characters are the antithesis of each other, so I’m very much looking forward to the challenge of switching between them. And no, the irony of playing two polar opposite roles in a production of Jekyll and Hyde is not lost on me either…!

I will publish full details of my performance dates, as soon as I have my completed schedule. So, watch this space!

That’s all for now,

Nicola xx

Nicola Foxfield, superb vocally and visually as Prince Charming — The Stage