On The Road Again!


After 3 weeks of splendid rehearsals in the incredible Cornish countryside Illyria’s Comedy of Errors is out on the road. Once again I’m lucky enough to be working with an amazing cast and on a completely bonkers play that is exhaustingly wonderful (for the cast at least). Every cast member has blink and you’ll miss it costume changes and the show (set in Mexico) comes complete with sombreros and its very own Mariachi band!

All the tour dates can be found by clicking HERE. If you’re planning on coming along then feel free to let me know on Twitter or by posting on my Facebook page. Below is a snap from the show, featuring Adriana, Luciana and Dromio. The black and flowery outfit I wear as Adriana is my favourite costume of this show and I love how the set glows in the setting sun!

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Audience photo Comedy of Error

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