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Bye Bye Blackbird…

After touring up and down the UK with Bless Em All, Mamma Mia, It’s ABBA! and The Cat Pack it’s time to tidy away my tea dresses, file away my flares and tuck my trilby back in the cupboard ready to start rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde.
Jekyll and Hyde will perform a short run at [...]

Mamma Mia! How is it September Already?

I’m dashing this off quickly in a break from rehearsals for my next show, which opens next week!
Once again I shall be back on tour, performing not one, not two but three shows in rep. As before I shall continue to perform Bless Em All and The Cat Pack but for Autumn I shall be [...]

The Cat Pack and Beyond!


After a fabulous summer touring the UK with Bless Em All and ┬áThe Cat Pack, (a Rat Pack inspired concert) the season is drawing to its close and Frank, Dean and Sammy are hanging up their trilbies to be replaced be Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha! That’s right, from the second week of September [...]

Early Spring Update! (It’s Spring if I say it is!)

Rain drops keep falling on my head!
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red, cause crying’s not for me…. (Unless my character is meant to cry of course)
The weather outside might be grey and gloomy but despite the miserable weather it’s been a cheerful start to the year for me. On a [...]

All by myself….

So Christmas is fast approaching and at this time of year I would normally be preparing to go into pantomime rehearsal, however not so this year! I am taking a break to do something different. Pantomime is in my blood and it wouldn’t quite be Christmas without it, so I’m not straying too far from [...]

A fleeting update from Oakworth!

This is a slightly different post to my normal news items, this is instead a snapshot into the unusual life of an actress!
I’m a few days into my Railway Children rehearsals (shows start on Monday) and – as it’s everyone’s day off today and I wanted to run the show to keep it fresh in [...]

Curtain Down….. Curtain Up!

Well, the curtain has fallen on The 39 Steps and what a run it was! The time swept by faster than a speeding bullet (or the Highland Express) and now all the costumes, props and wigs have been packed away. As always, this is a sad time but looking forward to the next show is [...]

All Aboard! Last trains to the Highlands!

Well, as I write there are only 3 performances of The 39 Steps left and it’s been a really cracking run. A fantastic script, a smart director, a talented cast and a lovely venue make for a very enjoyable production. The audience feedback has been wonderful and it makes all the handcuff bruises seem worthwhile!
Below [...]

Over, under and splat!

Rehearsals for The 39 Steps are in full swing and I can safely say that a gym membership is not required when rehearsing this show! The script says the cast require ‘Olympian Fitness’. The script is not lying!
For more info keep your eyes on my twitter feed! It’s @NicolaFoxfield
That’s all for now!

Showing off some more…

Another video to keep you entertained. This time it’s a snippet or three from Dick Whittington.

Nicola xx

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