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Planes, Rains and the Heat is Real

With only one week left on my tour I’m feeling a bit blue but I’m so glad I’ve been vlogging it, so I’ll have a record to keep for future. The blogs are a couple of weeks behind reality, so there’s still a few more to come. My latest one went live today.
Warning contains [...]

On The Road Again!

After 3 weeks of splendid rehearsals in the incredible Cornish countryside Illyria’s Comedy of Errors is out on the road. Once again I’m lucky enough to be working with an amazing cast and on a completely bonkers play that is exhaustingly wonderful (for the cast at least). Every cast member has blink and you’ll miss [...]

From Ovid to the Bard!

A multitude of four star reviews and many packed houses later, Hecate Theatre’s run of Metamorphoses: Fables from Ovid has come to an end. More about that later, but for now it’s straight onto Measure for Measure by Dark Corner Theatre. It opens next Tuesday and tickets are available here!
That’s all for now!

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music — Aldous Huxley